Vicon is the world's leader in motion capture, with its pioneering technology used in life sciences, entertainment, engineering and VR. 

Picture Smiths won the business to brand Vicon's VR offering, before subsequently being appointed as creative agency for this exciting client. The team at Vicon are true visionaries and ever inspiring to work with. 

We worked with Vicon on brand refresh, starting with a wide-reaching brand audit in discovery phase, followed by a design process to encompass all application areas for motion capture. We refreshed the logo, delivered a well defined colour palette, considered lock-ups with sub-brands and brought a clear photographic and graphic tone to the mix. From this, a set of firm brand guidelines now exists. 

With a global audience that ranges from Hollywood filmmakers to sports scientists and from surgeons to VR entertainment companies, many were the considerations to take into account. The results are a slick interpretation that stands out in its marketplace and very much depicts the brand values we helped to define; a truly pioneering, dynamic, inspiring, collaborative and remarkable presence.

Picture Smiths elevated our brand to a position that portrays all that we stand for, with a distinct set of guidelines that form a real asset. Niove, Alex and the wider team are a pleasure to work with and their brand know-how is outstanding. Now in implementation of brand, we're seeing beautifully designed and engaging pieces. An exciting time for Vicon! 

Melissa Urry, Global Marketing Manager