Yorkshire Garden Centres

This 30 year old garden centre in the picturesque village of Tong was acquired by new owners in 2015 who breathed new life and investment into the business, commissioning Picture Smiths to help with all things brand, design and marketing. Following an initial brand polish, we have worked closely with the business on their growing portfolio of garden centres, with acquisitions at Tingley, Otley and Bingley, resulting in the family name of ‘Yorkshire Garden Centres’ (YGC). The centres are now inspiring destinations to shop, play and eat.

Picture Smiths were tasked with enhancing all the good work developed as part of the Tong rebrand and bring to life an updated group presence for YCG. To do this we updated the existing iconic plant pot symbol, to retain brand recognition. The backdrop of abstract rolling Yorkshire Hills in a refined colour palette reflect the garden nature of the offering as well as its pride in the Yorkshire setting.

“Picture Smiths have been instrumental in building the YGC brand, taking it from concept and creating a consistent and strong identity as we have grown over the past 7 years. We’ve created many successful sub-brands such as Grass Hoppers and Hearty’s Food Hall, as well as having introduced our seasonal campaigns and launching exciting new initiatives – all have successfully evolved in line with the YGC values and brand vision we set out to create. Working with Picture Smiths is like having an extended in-house marketing and design team of experts who care just as much as we do about the brand we are building and how we implement this over time. Their creative input and responsive approach is invaluable, and they’re a really nice bunch too!”

— Jo Dales, Marketing Manager

Adding to customer dwell time once in store, a further set of brands by Picture Smiths work to engage audience, from play destinations for children, to a food hall and in-store restaurants. We branded Hearty’s Foodhall as part of this strategy, as well as Grass Hoppers, Mission Out, The Mezzanine and The Garden Room. Each have their own distinct look and feel, but very much part of the YGC family.