TSL Healthcare asked us to create a new brand and packaging concepts for a new first aid product range, which delivers both value and sustainability in its positioning.

With a breadth of range that delivers products for wound care, sprains and strains, the identity ‘Heal’ was coined to evoke a feeling of positivity and care. It also plays on helping to heal the world from a sustainability standpoint.

We worked to craft a brand that delivers on shelf appeal and stands out against the competitive set, whilst also portraying a range that feels trustworthy, yet with engaging personality.

We see a confident, yet friendly font, forming the brand identity in accessible title case. This comes to life on packaging in the use of colour, from a brand palette designed to span across all 18 products in the range. A simplistic approach in application for packaging design sits on beautifully uncoated stock, gives us a ‘less is more’ feel in purposeful nod to the eco-friendly tone. Illustrations of the product itself acts as quick coding for the consumer and considered angles that work in conjunction with the SRP (Standard Retail Pack on the shelves) make for a cohesive and appealing product for supermarket buyers.