Brand is our speciality. We design beautifully distinctive brands with artful imagination. A brand created by Picture Smiths differentiates, articulates personality, connects with your target audience and lands with impact.

Naming & Identity

We’re often asked to name a business or product and approach the task with brand ingenuity and novel thinking. We’ll take into account the proposition, the marketplace, the audience and the digital presence, culminating in a short-list of well positioned identities to choose from.

Brand Development

Brand development is a particular area of expertise. We listen, we’re honest with our feedback and we craft brands with integrity. Whether branding a new business, applying a polish to an existing brand or diving deep into a rebrand; we pack lots of personality, creativity and experience. We’ll deliver a brand that adds value on multiple levels and make the process a joy along the way.


Having created a brand, our brand guidelines document protects its integrity by outlining the rules for its use, its tone of voice, its do’s and don’ts. Invaluable for use both within and outside your organisation to keep your business on-message and your presence ‘on-brand’. After all, consistency is key in brand.


A Brand Discovery workshop takes a collaborative approach with us, to unpeel the layers and reveal the essence of your brand and offering. It taps into Picture Smiths’ creative thinking, to help you define your strengths with brand expertise in the room. Ultimately we’ll discover your objectives together and help visualise the most aspirational positioning. This session is inspiring therapy for your business.