We use insightful design to connect our clients to their audience. Whether you need a tactile piece of print to make a lasting impression, elegant stationery or a quirky range of bespoke , the experienced design team at Picture Smiths loves to create beautiful, flexible design that works.


We design stunning packaging that is a beautiful touch point and extension of your brand. Designing for purpose, we bring experience and know-how to the process with the ultimate aim of hitting those crucial shelf appeal and/or gift appeal objectives. As with everything we do at Picture Smiths, differentiation comes as part of the package.


We design beautiful stand-out signage and work with signage companies to produce to our exacting specification, on your behalf. We’re extremely adept at the mechanics and the realm of possibilities that good signage can bring. Always designing with amplification of your brand in mind, to bring slick consistency and head-turning presence.

Print & Artwork

With in-depth knowledge of the print industry, of print treatments and of impactful design specifically for this application, we design brochures, stationery and memorable leave behind pieces that engage and illuminate your message. We take a modern approach on traditional thinking, with precise artwork expertise and full management of the process.

Illustration & Infographics

There are times when an illustrative layer is part of the creative mix for your brand. We have both talented in-house ability as well a wider network of illustrators where needed. Our talent in illustration dovetails into the creation of striking infographics, which we design to help depict a simple and polished overview of information, in an easy to understand way – whilst also forming a rich content layer for your communications.