Mackinley’s is a long-established Caribbean & African food store in West Yorkshire. A brand development for this well-loved store works to embrace the specialist offering and expressively celebrates African and Caribbean cuisine, with a freshly engaging feel. 

Moving the brand on ahead of a greater digital presence for the store, we built a distinct look and feel that differentiates from mainstream supermarkets; true to the offering. A bold and simplified brand palette creates personality, memorability and underpins a distinctive brand toolkit. We added in hand drawn illustrations of produce, which depict the diversity of ingredients – ripe and ready for customers to make into endlessly delicious dishes. The playfully applied graphic language speaks a friendly tone and metaphorically leans into the sense of community that is at the heart of this business.



Whether African and Caribbean dishes are part of a customer’s tradition or whether reaching audience for whom this is a new cuisine to discover, the brand speaks through enticing soundbites; from ‘healthy, fresh, sunshine vibes’ to ‘feel-good flavour’, we’ve built a love letter to African and Caribbean cusine and culture.