KIN is a bubble tea shop with branches in Halifax and Bradford, making fresh, brewed-to-order drinks and desserts. With Thai nationality within its ownership, it is an authentic version of the South East Asian style traditional brew of the 90’s and for this it differentiates in a burgeoning market.

We designed the branding and signage for KIN and are delighted to play a part in this prettiest new trend of drinks.

Influenced by street culture of Bangkok, we created an identity personified by an iconic illustrated character, which embodies a modern South East Asian design style and feels young and playful, much like KIN’s target audience.


Originating in Taiwan in the 1980’s, we’re now playing catch-up in the UK to some degree and are witnessing a surge in popularity of the ‘boba-tea’ phenomenon. However, the UK presents a particularly strong range in offering, since we’re known for bringing versatility and a whole variety of flavours.

For this branding project we leant into relevant contemporary trends and popular culture, to depict the energy of the space, the sociability of the product and the vision of the owners. Brand font is bubbly and perhaps slightly juvenile, in a nod to the chilled, colourful product it sells. Brand components sit simply and confidently against a distinctive and uncomplicated palette, made up of a purposefully unusual combination of colours; they are retro in vibe and allow the vibrant drinks to carry an unlimited rainbow of colourful pop within themselves.


For sure, Boba tea is a trend here to last. Customers can’t get enough of a good thing and are intuitively talking about it on their socials – so we designed insta-worthy cups that allow the colour of the tea and its signature bouncing bubbles to be seen. The overall feel of our branding for KIN brings a kit that works beautifully in digital format as well as bringing an experiential attitude to bricks and mortar premises.

KIN: Born in Bangkok, brewed in the UK.