Thermarmour produces advanced insulation material used for hypothermia prevention and is brought to us by Interweave Textiles – a company based in Yorkshire, which is famous for its industrial textile heritage.

The innovative new material required a name and a brand. Picture Smiths got to work to create a memorable look and feel to enable a confident and engaging market presence.

With wide-ranging use for this high-performance fabric product – from hospitals to mountain rescue and from the military to national emergency services, we designed a brand that would resonate with its audiences and stand out from the competition. The name gives us a notion of ‘thermal armour’ and we see a brandmark made up of confident bold typography housed in a ‘protective’ lozenge, which radiates in animation to depict heat and thermal properties. A pattern of red tonal waves mirroring the brandmark’s lozenge pulsate in motion graphics, like the breath of a patient, bringing a very human and emergency tone to the brand toolkit.


As part of the set, we illustrated the layers that make up the fabric and created an ‘exploding’ animation, to show the inner technical properties of the product. We have created a repeat pattern for the outer foil layer of the product itself as well as designing packaging and the front end of

“Great experience with Picture Smiths working on a brand identity, naming & design project for a new range of products. Good communication from day one, they easily understood what we were aiming for with the brand and presented a range of interesting design options. Niove, Alex and team have been a pleasure to work with and we’ll likely use them again going forward.”

— Charlie Benson, Managing Director Thermarmour