PAX Burger

One of the most satisfying parts of our job is working on a new brand, from the first inkling of an idea...

One of our longest standing clients, Eric Paxman, came to us with an empty shell and free rein to work with him to bring something fresh and exciting to Huddersfield.

The big idea was to explore the concept of gourmet burgers through the eyes of a highly respected chef from the world of fine food. Our branding design for PAX says urban, casual, delicious, exciting. It felt right that the identity should be ‘PAX’ as a byword for Paxman, since of course, this restaurant brings all the expertise of its award winning chef with a sharp eye for well-sourced ingredients.

The PAX Burger business has now been sold, with brand forming part of the assets in exit strategy for the owner. Investment in brand always pays off!



Our partnership with chef Eric Paxman goes back to before he opened his now award-winning restaurant 'Eric's', in Lindley, Huddersfield.

We concepted a fine-dining signature restaurant for this local talented chef & provide all elements of the brand; logo, signage, colour palette, business stationery, literature, website (, launch campaign for the opening & seasonal campaigns. We work closely with Eric undertaking the strategic planning and implementation of all marketing, via timely seasonal campaigns.

We manage social media, e-marketing, commission specialist food photography/styling and are ongoing creative eyes over the business. In July 2013 we launched a new responsive website for an impactful online presence, which we maintain on an ongoing basis, to communicate the seasonality of the business and forward-thinking pace of this business.

In 2017, we launched a new chapter for Erics which encompasses a half a million pound refit to the restaurant and a brand refresh, across all elements above, to truly represent what Erics is all about today.