Pan Yum

A new eatery set in the lovely village of Honley, Holmfirth, brought to us by two seasoned chef-proprietors.

The cuisine is Pan-Asian, with mouth-watering bowls of flavour forming a menu that differentiates and re-ignites these chefs' creative passions. Their own style and unexpected ingredients are definitely a strength here. We were very excited to be able to work on this one! 

We worked together with our client on naming the restaurant Pan Yum before designing a brand that reflects the vibrancy of the cuisine. Bold punchy typefaces and colours combine with playful illustrations and graphics, to deliver a brand with impact, designed to stand out from the crowd. It has big personality and it's exciting - just like the menu offering.

Branding brings this restaurant's personality to life from first sight; applied to restaurant signage, on disposable placemat menus and in a suite of animated graphics we created for digital use. 

A great restaurant addition to the area. If you haven't been yet, you're missing a treat!