We are proud to have won the business to create identity and brand for a new range of Virtual Reality (VR) products by Vicon, the world's leading developer of motion capture products and services for more than three decades. 

New to the VR market, Vicon was looking for a full solutions story. Our concept was 'Origin' - a brand from which unforgettable and immersive VR experiences can be built. We see Origin as the beginning of all things, the tech that enables entertainment in fantastical worlds with infinite possibilities for VR creators. 

This cutting edge technology was a new area for Picture Smiths, it challenged us to flex our creativity, to think outside the box and to create something that hasn't been seen before. The Origin brand with its beautiful corona is other-worldly, it lends itself perfectly to our animated motion graphics and works well across all territories. 

Design of all things Origin is now part of our world, having been appointed as Vicon's design agency. 

The brand was launched with a big splash at an industry show in Vancouver and as a result, Vicon now occupies an impressive position in the global VR market. An exciting and bright future lies ahead for Vicon in the world of state-of-art entertainment. 

In creating 'Origin', Picture Smiths gave us a brand that took us forward into the VR space with real impact. Their work answered the brief perfectly and through marketing, we've already seen solid ROI and amazing opportunities arise. Great work!

Andy Ray, Vicon Sales Director