Laura May Bridal

Laura May Bridal is a busy bridal boutique in Cardiff, that came to us for some expert help on branding, just as it was expanding to a second store in the city centre. 

With lots of experience at Picture Smiths in bridal retail branding, we could see this business had much to be proud of. They give attention to detail in the in-store experience and are stockists of an enviable list of bridal designers, including the coveted Enzoani collections. With the new store opening in Cardiff's beautiful Royal Arcade, this business is definitely one going from strength to strength. 

Social media makes the world a smaller place though and we've seen that bridal brands in particular are all starting to look a little the same on instagram; a go to platform for brides-to-be. Good branding is all about standing out from the crowd and in the very competitive bridal industry, we could see their current look didn't quite hit the mark. 

We set to work to develop the brand, drawing a typographic monogram that takes a stylish lead as logo and weaving together the LMB initials. Next, we crafted a pure, feminine air to the creative with timeless fluidity in its feel to bring longevity against the wedding trends that come and go so quickly. A neutral colour palette of soft nudes and off-black pair with textures and shades to complement elegant photography. Then, a beautifully welcoming 'voice' of Laura May Bridal speaks in a carefully selected script font, that works perfectly in application.

A 'sub-brand' treatment is given to the outlet section of the boutique, where gowns are bought off the peg, but without the bold brash graphics you'd expect of discount point of sale. Brand integrity is maintained, with a careful design to partition this section of the brand, without undermining its premium position. 

We applied the new branding to signage for the new boutique, to social media graphics including a 10year celebratory device and brand elements to add to their customer's journey. We've now been commissioned to design their new website - watch this space!