We support We in Front

We were delighted to support our client Mackinley’s Caribbean and African Foodstore in their partnership with ‘We in Front’.

We in Front is a vibrant, sociable walking group, that champions wellbeing and walking to better health. It was built from members of the Huddersfield community starting to step out together around the block in the pandemic and has grown organically over recent times to strength in numbers. It’s about people coming together through the simple exercise of walking – the benefits of which are many; from keeping mobile, keeping physically and mentally fit to making friendships whilst exploring the great outdoors. We love everything about it.

We donated our time to design the We in Front t-shirt, which is worn proudly by members and can be spotted on the hills and valleys of Yorkshire and on the Grenadine islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Learn more about We in Front here.


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