It’s not just coffee, it’s a culture

Making a difference to Culture Bakery’s social media, fuelled by coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls…

When Culture Bakery called us for help on social media, they had us at ‘artisan pastries’. We’re currently showcasing this bakery’s freshly baked goods, coffee and evolving brunch menu on Instagram. All fantastic to shoot, but our initial social media audit before commencing work highlighted improvement areas for us; to understand brand values, to help build loyalty, a deeper lifestyle narrative and market differentiation.

So how do we go about it? As part of the audit a photo-brief is established by Picture Smiths. In this case it gave us a photographic style of light and airy shots, with a distinct lifestyle feel – because we believe in going deeper than the superficial tangibles of products sold (if you’ve met us, you’ll have heard us talk about selling the ‘sizzle’ not the ‘sausage’).  A vibe is further captured through creatively imagined reels, beautifully edited into trending audio. In final layer, we bring it all together with a distinct tone of voice in our captions.

We now have an elevated social platform that brings a professional feel to the aesthetics and an experienced hand on the mechanics. Upfront planning gives the business owner foresight to our work and our management of the process gives her back valuable time to work on higher level aspects of the business.

“Thank you for your enthusiasm. It’s exactly what we need. We went to the pros and I think you can tell!”

– Alex Litu, Partner, Culture Bakery


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