Picture Smiths Rising Talent Delivers Uni Workshop


A BIG welcome to Mark. Our newest Picture Smiths recruit joined us this summer as Junior Designer, having graduated in Graphic Design and Animation last year from Huddersfield University. We spotted an outstanding talent in Mark, coupled with glowing reports from his tutors and so we grabbed him!

Last month Huddersfield Uni invited Mark back to deliver a Riso printing workshop to first year students. The Riso internally creates a stencil that is laid onto a drum filled with ink, which then spins at high speed, forcing the ink through the stencil onto the paper. This process creates a unique textured print that cannot be replicated.

The printing technique was new to the students and is a skill Mark learned and applied whilst studying at Uni.

Mark says:
“A great experience going back to The University of Huddersfield and delivering a Riso Printing workshop for 1st year students… The outcome was great and I hope everyone had a bit of fun playing around with the Riso.”

Mark Everingham

The students created a variety of work under Mark’s guidance, who provided assets for the students to compose with. The creative brief was interpreted in different ways across the student groups, including free hand illustration. A great experience for Mark, who is back at his Picture Smiths desk now and doing some great work for us on live jobs under the lead of Creative Director Alex. Delighted to have him on board the Picture Smiths’ team.