10 Signs you need a rebrand

How do you know when it’s time for your business to have a rebrand?

How do you know when it’s time for your business to have a rebrand? You may have been thinking about it but been too busy working IN the business to take on the task. It may not immediately feel an easy choice, but it’s a common move in business to rebrand in order to overcome a variety of issues and to stay ahead. Here are some of the signs it’s time to rebrand:

1) The competition looks better

If your competitors have all been through a phase of renewal or there are new players in your market getting more attention than you, then it’s time to step up. Don’t fall behind the others. Make sure your brand and image is shining a light on what you do in the most engaging way possible for your target audience. It’s time to have the competition looking to you as the leader, not the other way round.

2) No longer in line with your vision

If your vision, strategy or business model has changed, the brand needs addressing to depict the new status quo. Branding should be on point, correctly positioned and depicting a beautifully stylised version of your ethos, your core brand values and your offering.

3) You are embarrassed by it

We tell our clients that we want them to be proud of their brand. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed about your website, your branded materials or your general ‘front of shop’ then that’s not a good position to be in. Also, if you’re bored with your brand, your customers will be too. A brand refresh can make all the difference to the motivation and drive of business owners, team members and customers alike.

4) You no longer differentiate

Differentiation is king! Whatever your nature of business, it’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd. Don’t blend in, you’ll get forgotten about and it makes you look unoriginal.

5) Your brand has become fragmented

Like a house that has been extended too many times, over the years sometimes a brand can become disjointed and messy, with inconsistencies in look and feel. If your brand has become something of a patchwork, a rebrand exercise will bring fresh clarity and renewal to your business. Consistency in brand shows attention to detail, which translastes in customers’ minds to attention to detail in the way you go about business.

6) Your pricing has reached its ceiling

There may be a business case to put your prices up, but the brand is limiting a more premium position. Rebrand can bring adjustment in positioning if that is part of the brief and if you talk about your strategy to a brand agency, they will be able to recommend how to achieve a rebrand that allows you to break through your current price ceiling.

7) New audience

If there is a shift needed to appeal to a new audience or you are expanding to new markets, chances are your current branding will need adjustment. Also consider if current branding isn’t engaging existing target audience (maybe they have shifted elsewhere?), then the same remedy is needed.

8) Outdated

Brands that haven’t had any attention for years can look outdated. Perhaps it doesn’t work so well across all media today? If your image feels old and unloved, your customers will read that your offering is outdated, irrelevant and not in line with their preferences. Customers WILL judge a book by its cover.

9) Confusion

Does your branding cause confusion? If you are regularly asked what you do, or if it requires too much thought for your potential customers to work it out, this can be addressed through brand. Caution against over complicated brands!

10) Your start-up branding now needs more

Whilst we would always recommend start-ups to launch with impact, we often see a light touch having been used to get a business off the ground, with the idea that it would be invested in further down the line. It’s quite a common scenario. If you feel your business is in a new era or has now matured past start-up stage, a rebrand can help it to grow and help realise your greater vision.

Need help?

We handle lots of rebrands, from the slight adjustment or polish, right through to the complete overhaul rebrand. From evolution to revolution, we’ll happily guide you and explain all that’s involved. We’re great listeners, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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