Samuel Brigg & Sons

Honouring the heritage of Samuel Briggs

Samuel Brigg & Sons came to Picture Smiths to create a visual identity and brand to honour the heritage of their dairy farm which goes back over 100 years. The business, created by the late Samuel Brigg, has been handed down through the generations and is now under the stewardship of Neil and Jacqui Brigg.

Neil and Jacqui told us the story behind the milk and took us through old pictures and keepsakes they had treasured over the years. We absolutely loved the nostalgia and their passion for passing this legacy on for generations to come.

Our execution needed to be respectful of the family history and the beautiful location. Inspired to pay homage to Neil’s great grandfather, we redrew his signature from the Census to create a unique brand identity and logo which resonated strongly with the family as a reminder of where it all started.

The business prides itself on the milk and cream it produces at home, from their own herd of cows, (their ‘girls’) grazed on the hills of Slaithwaite.

Our aim was to bring out the pure and wholesome values of the brand and create a legacy for the fifth generation of dairy farmers to continue to supply its special product to local people through the application of branding to packaging, marketing literature and online.

We wanted to engage with existing customers and the local catering trade through a unique identity and target those customers who aspire to the values of a simple life and enjoy food derived from the goodness of their local land.


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