Michael Rath Trombones

Branding Britain’s Only Trombone Manufacturer

Michael Rath Trombones is the only trombone manufacturer left in operation in the UK and is highly respected and iconic throughout the world.

Ahead of a visit by Princess Anne, the company wanted to give the brand a polish and create some internal creative designs to display in the factory entrance so they could roll out the red carpet for the Royal visit.

As masters of a craft, our design work had to complement the exceptionally high standards of quality and workmanship and portray all that is great and unique about the Michael Rath brand. Used by a range of musicians, from students’ right through to celebrity artists, the brand had to appeal to a broad international market.

The renewed branding has been designed to pay homage to the investment, recognition and positivity invested over the years and to portray the trombones in a way that engages target audience and provides a foundation on which to build for future marketing.


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