Les Clochettes du Risoux

We head across the channel to the French/Swiss border to create a brand and visual identity for a new restaurant and small hotel.

Set to open in early summer 2018, Les Clochettes du Risoux is situated on the exquisite Risoux mountain cross country ski resort, north of Geneva in the picturesque village of Chapelle des Bois. Meaning ‘Little Bells’, the name Les Clochettes was inspired by the dairy farming in the area and the sound of cow bells ringing in the distance. It's also a nod to the 17th century church situated opposite the hotel with its beautiful historic bell tower. 

The business is owned by Amelie and James who have relocated from Huddersfield to the region of Amelie’s childhood home. A former chef at longstanding client The 3 Acres, James has taken us on the journey with him to create a brand for his first venture.

The brand is...

... elegant and simple in its drawn font, with characters that might be reminiscent of a bell shape, but less is more we say. The colours are a muted version of the Tricolore or perhaps the Union Jack, since of course this business is run by an Anglo-French partnership and we would expect to see a few quirky British accents coming through in the business. 

A secondary logo 'stamp' gives us a device to use across different components and signage and might perhaps associate itself in design with classic French skiwear brands. 

In a final layer, the brand includes nostalgic photography, hoping to make use of old family photos to dress the hotel and add an authentic narrative to this cosy gem. Perhaps the old picture of Amelie's mum walking to school through snowdrifts as a child, which was used as part of an old marketing campaign for the village, might be brought to life again. 

This is the perfect place for tourists and travellers to hang their coats, enjoy a meal made of local produce and stay in a homely relaxed atmosphere. As the first Picture Smiths export we must say we’re delighted with this little scoop. Now who’s for some cross-country skiing?


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