Highcroft Honey

Oozingly good

Highcroft Honey is a new to market local artisan honey producer. We were appointed by Bee Keeper, Jamie Senior, to create a brand for this wonderful product...

Highcroft Honey prides itself on producing honey from single hives. No blended honey here, just pure honey as the bees intended it, with each hive bringing its own distinct characteristics in colour and flavour. Some hives are hosted, such as the one at The Three Acres bringing wonderful provenance to the honey on its menu.

The bees have worked hard to produce this honey, so our branding work had to do them justice. As this business is in its infancy, our branding needs to stand the test of time, no matter what the future may bring. Our work included branded stationery,  and creative execution of the jar packaging, with an irresistibly oozy honey drip acting as the tamper seal. 


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