Sparkle Me

Face glitter puts a twinkle into life – it’s for playful days, creative make-up and festival vibes. Its shine diminishes though when you learn that it’s bad for the environment. Since the particles of glitter are so small, they are considered microplastics and therefore contribute to polluting our planet. So when we got the opportunity to create a start-up brand for eco glitter art, we were excited, because sparkle should never go out of style.

Step into the limelight ‘Sparkle Me’.

We created this brand for a small business owner with an art teaching background who wanted to launch an eco glitter artist offering. The business uses guilt-free sparkles made of plant cellulose, making the product plastic-free, biodegradable and kinder to skin too.

Sparkle Me can be booked for festivals and events – and is definitely not just for kids. In our brand creative we step away from the obvious sparkle treatment, bringing an iridescent feel to the graphical tone, with an illustrative element and a playful retro suggestion to typography. All comes together to allow the product itself and the creative application to shine through, using quirky photography of glittered beards, smiling shimmering faces and those party good times.

If you want to help spread the sparkle – follow @sparkleme.ecoglitter on instagram.