Sheards Accountants

Some years back, chartered accountants Sheards, asked us to review their branding to create a more polished visual identity, for a new era of this long-established business.

Clearly, we saw that Sheards has major strength in its personable ways & approach towards clients. In an industry renowned for being safe and conservative, we introduced a refreshing new brand, through our injection of a little personality into Sheards' brandmark and marketing literature. We trod carefully to strike the right balance here; in order not to overplay familiarity, above those all important trustworthy and professional values. 

Sheards clearly differentiates and of course we know that a company, who is seen to pay such attention to its image, will in turn be perceived as one who goes about its business with the same attention to detail.

We concept, design and copy to a poster series, which focuses on the business benefit and that of their sister company, Sheards Wealth Management and provide concept, design and copy, for Sheards’ seasonal company newsletters including valuable information to local businesses on technical accountancy matters and HMRC updates. 

Picture Smiths evolved our brand to establish us as ‘the friendly face of accountancy’, delivering a brand full of personality. The brand engages our clients in a friendly way, without losing the professional edge. We’re very proud of the way we look. Now we work together on seasonal newsletters and find their ideas fresh, relevant - making traditional accountancy content appear interesting and vibrant.

Kevin Winterburn & Carolyn Atkinson, Directors