This new to market gardening lifestyle brand is brought to us by a small team with a vast wealth of experience in the industry. With a well strategised proposition for good quality gardener's accessories and tools, we were excited from the get-go to be involved with this project. 

We named the brand, giving it an identity that feels outdoors, that says gardening and that will work both in the UK and internationally. Through brand creative, we aim for customers to feel emotional engagement and the tone of voice is fun and quirky, whilst being serious about its products. 

The brandmark is made up of typography that is slightly imperfect and packs humble personality in a modern way, with a 'splodge' full stop accenting its presence. The splodge carries through in shapes intended for secondary graphics as and when needed (part of the design toolkit delivery) and textural layers create depth with a natural, sustainable feel. 

Seen below are the concept stages of packaging, giving lots of food for thought for the final execution, which evolves and finesses with the Mulch team's merchandising and buying know-how before production of final product on the shelf. Lots of ideas delivered for this brand and we're excited to see how it will shape and grow in its journey. Look out for Mulch products at a garden centre near you. 

Mulch. have been working with Picture Smiths for almost 2 years as we brought our brand from an initial idea to concept to now a uk wide brand with products in garden centres across the UK and with some well known online retailers too, PS have helped and guided us along the way to produce one of the strongest looking brands in the industry with customer engagement at the forefront of everything we do.

William Armitage