The vision: A food hall bursting with family favourites, where you can pick up something for 'tea' or find a special foodie gift or treat. The creation of Tong Garden Centre's new food hall branding was a brief we were delighted to answer. 

We helped with the naming process, starting with the concept of Hearty's presenting 'food with heart' - and so Hearty's was born. The name feels inkeeping with the culture at Tong Garden Centre and in differentiation of other food halls and its parent brand. 

The typographic brandmark is drawn in our studio to form a personality-filled signature, presented colourfully and with a playful apostrophe heart. It's humble, fun and inviting, with a secondary palette that gives us bursts of colour for a vibrant in-store experience. The offering champions its own produce and that of local producers and within our scope of work, we've been working away on product packaging design for own and collaborative products. Also within our remit is point-of-sale graphics, in-store signage and digital design. 

If you've not been yet, you're missing a treat!

To the brilliantly wonderful team at Picture Smiths! Thank you for all your fabulous creatives, we've worked on so so so many jobs, new brand and concepts but you guys continue to deliver such great stuff for us! You're superstars!

Jo Dales, Head of Marketing