Typewriter Image

What’s your type?


We are surrounded by typography everywhere we look, from posters and packaging to websites and digital. At Picture Smiths, we pride ourselves in producing memorable brands, using carefully considered fonts and creating beautiful typography for our clients' brandmarks.

Everything is done for a reason, rules are followed and sometimes purposefully broken to create the unexpected! There’s the aesthetic choice, to make something pleasing on the eye. The use of font, weight, hierarchy, alignment, spacing and more.

Often we draw bespoke typography for a brandmark. Here we dive deeper into the relationship between the characters, the rhythm and flow, the brand values we want to depict - tweaking as we go until the design hits the perfect note. 

Then there is the practical aspect of what we do - taking into account paper stock - uncoated paper soaks up ink and type 'bleeds' so no small text and be wary of serif fonts that could fill in. This is also worth considering if using foil to create a premium look.

Before the wide spread advent of digital publishing in the early 90’s, designers still used drawing boards and pasted columns of body copy that had been couriered in from the type setting company. Metal rulers, scalpels, spray mount and Pritt stick ruled the day. Every studio also had a treasured drawer full of rub-down letraset, whilst using it was a skill in itself.

Today, at Picture Smiths we use the lastest digital hardware and software but even now, we still follow the same rules and priciples to create beautiful brands and brochures.

Did you know?

Do you know your upper case from your lower case? Yes and so did the printers who used metal letters to set type. The term comes from when the capital letters were always kept in the uppermost drawer.

This again, harks back to the days of printing presses when lines of metal type were literally spaced apart with thin strips of lead.