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Welcome Liz


We're delighted to welcome our new team member Liz.

Liz joins us as Content Creator and brings with her a wealth of social media knowledge and love of planning (we do love a plan), coupled with a keen aesthetic eye and a lovely written hand. It's the perfect set of skills!

Within her role, she works closely with Alex and Niove on Picture Smiths' own social media channels, as well as overseeing the social media services we provide for clients and joins Katie in our social department. 

When not at work, Liz is a busy mum, fashion lover and bookworm. Hitting the ground running since she joined in November, she's out visiting clients to capture a fresh and ongoing supply of content, applying know-how to the nuances of our social media work, as well as writing digital content pieces for us. 

As a client said to us recently, she's a really great addition to the team... What's more, her work is always done with a sunny Australian smile!