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Branding with Sensitivity


We’ve been on hand to support Radcliffe Funeral Services for a number of years. Working with a funeral service really does open our eyes to something that we very rarely think about as we go about our normal lives.

Working with families at the most difficult time of life requires a skill and tact all of its own and we’re in awe of the support and respect they show each and every day.

Most recently, Radcliffe came to us to develop a new website to provide families with information and support to plan a funeral service. Picture Smiths were commissioned to design, write and produce the site. We appreciate that people who visit the website may be feeling overwhelmed and emotional and it’s possibly the first time they’ve ever had to plan a funeral, therefore our work had to be very well thought out, and then written and designed with tact and care.

As a local business we wanted to provide familiarity through our photography and a clean design with succinct copy. We wholeheartedly appreciate challenges of this nature and hope that the website provides the information and clarity people need at a difficult time. 

By Niove Armitage