TONG - One Year On!

It's one year on since Tong Garden Centre was bought by new owners and they certainly took on a challenge buying Yorkshire’s biggest garden centre, which had become tired and run down, having lost the magic of its heyday in the 1980’s. 

In the last 12 months the new owners have done wonders! They’ve brought back the passion and the magic, making it a place that’s a joy to visit. After just 12 months there is now a new soft-seating coffee shop, a refurbished restaurant and a fantastic outdoor play area ‘Grasshoppers’. We started working together 10 months ago, to polish the brand and begin roll out of a hefty list of components (click here to see some of our work). Still lots to do, but the garden centre is looking great. Now we work together on ongoing marketing and in the words of this season’s campaign for Tong, they’re ‘BLOOMING BACK’ with colour, life and Yorkshire magic!

Congratulations Tong! One year on and you’ve made a huge impression. Well done to all involved and here’s to the next exciting 12 months. 





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