Tips for beautiful signage

What do you want to say about your business?

Here at Picture Smiths we believe in beautiful signage. After all, if you're going to the trouble of investing in it, we say take the time to ensure it is a true reflection of what you want to say about your business. 

Here are our top 5 tips to help the process:

1. Be sympathetic to the building & surroundings

If you have a lovely old building made of Yorkshire stone for example, try not to cover too much of it up. Apply cut out letters directly to the stone or use transparent perspex as a backing board so that the textures beneath can be seen through. The colour of your sign can affect the overall look and feel of the business. Very bright colours are prominent, friendly and eye-catching, dark colours look timeless, premium and elegant. If you’re set in a village location a heritage colour would work well, if your in the town or city centre, try and differentiate to those within your immediate vicinity – but be true to your brand.

 2. Too much is overkill

Don’t over bombard with 20 different logos scattered all over your building in every available spot, choose 2 or 3 more dramatic applications, keep it simple. Try also to give some air around the logo, rather than going for the ‘bigger is better’ approach. It is important to be seen, but too much can cheapen the overall finish.

 3. Stand out for the right reasons

Use clever lighting within the actual sign, or above or below it to add some drama and be seen on darker days and at night. Be clever with the application of your signage too, use projecting signs to be noticed by traffic and pedestrians. If your view is slightly hidden from view, use a A-board sign on the pavement, or a totum pole at the edge of your carpark. Applying branding to parasols or canopies is another great way of being noticed.

 4. Use window vinyls to add interest

Details such as opening times, and contact details can easily applied to glass windows. Don’t be afraid to cleverly crop logos and symbols into corners, logos don’t always have to be sat perfectly neat in the middle of a window frame. Window vinyls can also be useful where glass or mirror might be walked into by customers, apply vinyl at eye level to avoid this.

5. Don’t forget the inside

Bring the branding inside too, the days of plastering your mission statement on your reception walls may be a bit old-hat now, but a clever application shows a nice attention to detail for your business and adds to the brand journey of your customers.




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