Good luck HD Revolutions!

Team Work

There’s a new cycling race team in town and they’re looking good!

We were asked to form an identity for the team, so we got our heads together at Picture Smiths and suggested HD Revolutions. The identity is a nod to fast turning wheels and to the revolutionary approach in the set up of the team.  Also HD Revolutions abbreviates nicely to HDR, which was a consideration for the racing labels and the cyclists’ kit.

Our branding sees a dynamic R, to depict speed and motion, with something slightly sport-scientific in its feel. The brand colour palette differentiates well from other teams, is practical for the cyclists (grey wears well!),  plus the distinctive orange is eye-catching and individual.

We’re delighted to see the team’s kit come together from our original design framework – the guys have done a superb job in producing it. Just leaves us to say good luck HD Revolutions in your inaugural race season from the team at Picture Smiths.





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